A mediator can facilitate out-of-court agreements between parties going through a divorce. Rather than an acrimonious lawsuit decided by a judge, you will have more control over the process and the outcome by deciding for yourselves the issues that define your divorce. By utilizing the mediation process, the stress, time, and financial costs of traditional litigation are averted, and you will be able to implement a unique solution for your unique family situation.

Mediation is not just a solution during divorce. We can help resolve hotly contested issues amongst family members, such as how to care for aging parents, or the fair division of assets after a family member has passed. Mediation is also a useful tool in the employment context, such as when a company has great employees who just cannot seem to work together.  We can help you develop a plan for harmony and productive relationships, in nearly any situation where a solution seems out of reach.

Mediation is a creative and useful tool that keeps control of the outcome in the participant’s hands, and all agreements are reduced to writing in a binding contract.  If you think mediation is right for you, call us now to schedule your free initial consultation at (260) 240-4644.